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;And so, 17 July 2014 📅 marks the 6th year we walked side by side, hands together. Things happened and we learned, we grew. To many more years of holding hands 👫 and smiles 😃, fights 👊 and tears 😢. May our journey shine bright like the sun☀️. Happy 6th-year Anniversary, baby🐒! I love you 😘

;Hey baby 🐒, I know it’s been hard for you right now, what more with all those killer 🔪 trainings while fulfilling the obligations in this holy month👼. I pray everyday for all the patience you need and can have. I promise it will all be worth it. Just know that I always have your back like how you always have mine. I am very, very proud of you, remember that. Just a little more, you can do it. I love you sweetheart 😘😘😘 Fighting! 💪

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